!PETITION – Stop Violence Against Women!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped get the petitions signed!
We received over 12,000 SIGNATURES by 8 March 2016 and presented them to the Federal Government in Canberra.

Signatures are still coming in so we will keep collecting petitions and will present more to Canberra later in the year. So please – KEEP THE PETITIONS GOING!

DOWNLOAD THE PETITION HERE:  PETITION Stop Violence Against Women 2016

Five years after the introduction of the ‘National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022’, the statistics for women experiencing violence in Australia have now increased to one woman in three (ABS, Australian Crime Statistics, Our Watch).

25% of Australians believe it is alright for a man to hit a woman (annah Grant, Our Watch 2015)

We urge immediate action by the House of Representatives on the following:

1. All Australian states and territories (not just NSW and Vic) introduce ongoing mandatory school and TAFE programs to change cultural attitudes towards violence against women

2. Funding for an ongoing Australia wide advertising and media campaign (billboards, newspaper, TV, radio, social media…) to broaden public awareness and responsibility

3. More refuges provided for women and children – 50% of women and children are being turned away from refuges in Australia (Jess Hill, ABC Radio National Reporter in The Monthly 14/3/15)

4. A large increase in funding for men’s behaviour and family relationship programs in all states

– Ask friends, family, co-workers, neighbours to sign – Email the petition to your networks – Ask people to display the petition – Hand out the petition to other people

DOWNLOAD THE PETITION HERE:  PETITION Stop Violence Against Women 2016