REACH Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Group

Do you have depression or bipolar disorder?

The WWIS REACH program is a free nine week educational support group program for women with a mood disorder, run by qualified Black Dog Institute trained facilitators. The REACH group is suitable for women over 18, who have lived with a diagnosis of depression or bipolar disorder for at least one year. Eligible participants will also need to demonstrate:

  • Capacity to participate in group setting
  • Commitment to attend nine weekly sessions
  • Acceptance of their illness
  • Motivation to implement ‘wellbeing’ strategies

Topics include: fostering strengths, dealing with loss and grief, identifying early warning signs and triggers, nurturing wellbeing and support networks and creating a unique ‘Wellbeing Plan’.

REACH in 2018

The REACH groups are facilitated by Nat from Wollongong Women’s Information Service who is a trained Black Dog Institute facilitator

 For further information, to register your interest in the 2018 REACH groups or to make an appointment with Nat to discuss participating in a REACH group, please contact us on 4228 1499, by email to wwis[at] or via the contact form on this website

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